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FREE Marketing Resources
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Digital Product Library
Put your banner here for only $4.99 per week  - 5DW members can have 5 banners hosted by 5DW Digital Services!
  2 daily sales < $300* a month 
  5 daily sales < $750* a month 
10 daily sales < $1,500* a month
20 daily sales < $3,000* a month
5DW is a “100% Done For You” fully automated marketing system.  When you order your automated website it’ll be automatically set up for you for FREE.  You won’t even need to buy a domain or a hosting package - you can start making sales as soon as your website is ready!

All you have to do is start posting the ads you are given in the locations you are given or anywhere you choose, to start earning 100% commissions from every sale your automated website makes.  You get to keep 100% of the money!

The sales the automated website can make are for, either a $4.99 monthly website hosting fee or a $50 lifetime website hosting fee.  These fees cover the cost of hosting and any increase to webspace or bandwidth that may be required.  As a 5DW member, YOU will get paid that monthly hosting fee (not us).  That’s 100% profit to you every single month!  

To put this into perspective, here’s an example of the kind of monthly residual income you could potentially make with just a few daily sales...
Would $300 a month or more be useful to you?  Remember, these are monthly residual commissions - the more ads you post, the more sales your automated website could make, and the more money you could earn each and every month.  Making up to $3,000 a month (or more) is potentially achievable over a period of time.

BONUS 1  As a 5DW member you will also get all inclusive access to a digital product library that will help you make even more daily sales from your automated website. These products will show you how to increase your online presence and drive masses of traffic to your automated website, and... you get access to them all for FREE.

BONUS 2  You will also be set up with a digital product sales page, so not only can you learn how to increase your sales by using these products, but you can resell them, making you instant commissions direct to your account.

BONUS 3  Banner ads revenue - Online advertising can be an very expensive business.  Therefore we have come up with an extremely competitive pricing plan for anyone looking to gain more exposure for their own business or opportunity.     

Your automated website and digital sales page will include 14 125 x 125 banner ad spots.  Should any of your website visitors purchase an ad spot subscription, their ad will be placed in a rotator and displayed on the 5DW network of websites (after we have vetted the ad).

As a 5DW member, you will receive $5 per week per ad purchased through your automated website (you could earn unlimited extra dollars from this each month) on top of any membership and products sales you could already be making.  
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