Getting Started Guide

Now you have your new 5DollarWonder website you want to get started promoting it straight away.  You've already seen that it is capable of producing excellent results.  

[1] Get Your Own Domain (optional, but recommended)
The first thing I recommend doing is looking for a cheap domain.  This is important because it gives you your own identity when your advertising your website.

Instead of your domain looking like this...
You could have a domain that looks like this...

This hides the fact the fact that it's a replicated website, which encourages people to click through to your website.  Also, as we might be using the same resources, there is less chance of the 5DollarWonder domain being block by any sites (too many people posting to the same domain looks like SPAM), which would be counter productive.

At the time of writing this guide 1& are doing .com domains for just $0.99 for the first year.  But, you can search Google for other domain registrars with offers.  Once you have purchased your domain you will need to log into your control panel and redirect it to your 5DollarWonder URL.  

Please note that you can use framed forwarding (where your domain name stays in the browser address bar) as this will not affect your SolidTrustPay buttons, they will open the payment page in a new window.

[2] Use Our Video Lead Capture Page (optional, but recommended)
A video LCP is available and is recommended for greater conversions/sales.  Not only will it encourage sales, but it helps to build you a list of prospects.  Even if these prospects do not join your 5DollarWonder business, you can promote any other program to them that you like.

Unfortunately I cannot replicate the LCP and have to use a service provided by All In One Profits (AIOP).  This shared campaign services is available to all upgraded AIOP members ($11.50 per month).  What it does is enables you to get the video lead capture page and my already pre-loaded email messages.

If you decided to get a domain name (in step one above), you can then just change it to redirect to your video LCP.  See full instructions HERE to setting up your LCP.

[3] Consistency is the Key (This You Absolutely MUST do)
OK, this is the part I think you know, but maybe don't value as much as you should.  I spend in total, probably less than 1 hour per day advertising 5DollarWonder to achieve the results you've seen.  But, I do advertise it every single day.

In the members area there are lots of FREE resources and the downloadable digital products which are designed to help you get traffic to your website and make more sales.  But please note, getting traffic does not just mean putting your website or URL in a traffic exchange or purchasing from some website traffic provider and expecting instant and great results.

My experience tells me that this approach mostly doesn't work.  You might achieve some nice stats on your tracking, but this doesn't lead to many sales.  Most of my advertising is done on Facebook and on free classified sites.  I have provide a directory of Facebook IM groups and classified sites and there are some pre-written ads to copy and paste with your 5DollarWonder URL or your domain.

Building Facebook fan pages was the best thing I ever did for driving traffic to my various online programs.  It takes just 2 minutes to create and you can add images and text etc to make it look appealing.  But the key thing is to invite FB friends to LIKE your page and to post regular updates, quotes, pictures or information.  The reasons for this are all explained in my Facebook Guide.

Join the Facebook IM groups is a MUST!  Here you will make connections with other Internet marketers.  Aim to add 5 - 10 new friends daily from these groups as this will expand your network (these people are likely to be connected to lots of other Internet marketers).  What this means, is you can get FREE targeted traffic to your fan page and ultimately to your 5DollarWonder website.  When anyone accepts your friend request, send them a message thanking them and ask them to LIKE your fan page, offering to LIKE theirs in return.


Thanks for accepting my friend request.  Connecting with like-minded people is a great way to build your network.  If you don't mind, would you please LIKE my Facebook page and I will LIKE yours in return?

Don't forget to include the URL for your Facebook page so they can LIKE it.  The more likes you get, the more viral any post you make on your page will go.  And another tip:  If you make a post on your page, you can then share it in groups or on other pages you manage.  Always put your page signature at the end of any post so anyone who reads it is directed back to your page and you will get extra LIKEs.

To do this, simple use the @ tag. So in my case I would type '@5dollarwonder' and Facebook would allow me to select my page and this will end up as a linked signature back too my page for anyone who clicks it.  Again, there are lots of tips in the Facebook Guide in the members area.

Facebook however, is not the be all and end all of advertising.  There are other social networks, forums, banner advertising programs, free lead resources etc.  Try contacting members of any other programs you joined (either your referrals or your sponsor) to let them know about your 5DollarWonder business.  You might be surprised to find several join you, especially if they did well or even not so well in other programs you were in together.

If you already have a list, send a broadcast email to them periodically to give progress updates.  If you don't have a list, then I strongly recommend joining AIOP (Step 2 above) and getting the video LCP.  List building is one of the single quickest ways to see instant commissions from any program you promote.  The people you get on your list are looking for income opportunities, therefore they represent targeted traffic that you have instant and immediate access to - All the top marketers, build lists!

[4] Advertise Daily
I can't stress how important this is!  Even if you only get a chance to post one ad, make sure you do it.  If you're at work and on your lunch break, get your smartphone out and post an ad on your Facebook profile or page.  If you have a Twitter account, tweet regularly... and it doesn't have to be about your buiness - anything you tweet about will get you followers, especially if it's something funny/sad/frustrating about your day or an inspirational quote or a funny photo.

The more activity you have online, the greater your Internet presence will be and the more people will take not of whatever it is your doing.  The more eyes on you, the more sales you will make when you advertise your 5DollarWonder business.

Advertise Advertise Advertise.... Daily!  Just 30 minutes a day is probably enough to at least land you 2 or more sales a day and these could be anything from $5 monthly subscriptions to $50 one-time payments.  Remember just 2 sales of monthly subscriptions per day ads up to $300 per month in residual income.  If you keep consistent you will make more daily sales and in a few months you could be earning $1,500+ from this simple $5 automated website.

Right, you're not looking to go out there and blatantly lie to people.  But, you want your ads to look as exciting and appealing to as many people as possible.  So, like in the example ads, you have to be bold with your statements.

You've already seen what can be achieved with 5DollarWonder.  You've already seen my ads and emails.  Being bold and confident in your delivery will encourage more people to join you.  Remember you're not asking them to join you so you can make more money - you're telling them that your are success and that they can achieve great success to and significantly change their life with a very small investment in their future.  Let's face it $5 per month is nothing, but as you can see they quickly add up and a percentage of your sales will be $50 too.

Use strong statements, capitalised headlines and bodies in your ads.  Use bold text and coloured text (red is good) to highlight anything you want to stand out - it draws your reader's eye.  Don't over elaborate, some of the best ads say very little but are intriguing enough for you visitors to click through to your website.

Here is a useful FREE tool for making great headlines and I use it a lot when testing my ads...

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Try to aim for a score of 50%+ with short 4 - 7 word titles like...

"AWESOME INSTANT EASY CASH TO YOU TODAY"  (in the Business & Professional Services category)
"MAKES EASY MONEY TODAY"  (sounds corny, but scores highly - it's what people ultimate want)

To Summarise...
this is not an exhaustive list, there are many ways to get exposure to your website.  Be proactive, look further than just this members area for ways to achieve results.  Google is your friend, a little research can reveal other methods that work for other people - keep continually testing to find what works.

There are 3 stages to making sales or getting referrals in any online business...

Firstly, you need to get people to see your ad or link.  This will not happen unless you advertise it daily and make connections with people in the same circles.  The wider you spread your wings, the higher you will fly - get your 5DollarWonder URL or domain everywhere... try somewhere new or a different resources each day.  The more places you put it, the more sales you will make.

Secondly, your ad should compel people to click your link and visit your website. This is where the Sensationalising of your ad comes in.  Make it exciting, make intriguing, make people want to find out more and they will surely visit your website.

Finally... close the sale.  This is now in the hands of your 5DollarWonder website or LCP.  This is where hopefully, I've done a good job and it's compelling enough to encourage people to join and pay you instantly.  Think about it for a second, you are reading this because my website (or one of our member's websites.) did its job.  

There is no reason why your website will not do the same for you if you put it out there on a daily basis.  Be honest with your marketing efforts - follow what is written above and you will achieve great results.  

Working Hard For Your Success
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