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Forum Marketing

Detailed below are a list of forums where Internet marketing programs are advertised.  Three of the most popular are listed first.  You can search Google for many more than is listed here.  

You can advertise your programs in forums, but usually only if no-one has already advertised it. It’s very rare that you would be first on the more popular forums as even the admins of programs are now making the first post.

Most forums don’t allow you to post your affiliate URL for whatever program if you’re not the first poster who introduces the opportunity.  So, we have to be a little clever.  The thing to do is to add a signature to your profile.  That way every time you post people can see it and may visit your website.  The more ‘stand out’ your signature is, the greater the likelihood someone will click it.

TIP:  Once you’ve set up your signature, try searching for programs you are already in.  Then ad a post in the relevant thread.  You could ask a question, post a screenshot or some payment proof.  You could even congratulate a previous poster on their achievement.  Anything that means your signature will be displayed.

IMPORTANT:  Do please read the forum rules before you post, so you don’t step on the toes of any of the moderators.

Below is the HTML code for a signature that I use in the top 3 forums.  It may work in some of the others, but not all forums are the same and you will have to see what their conditions are for signatures.

[SIZE="3"][b][url="http://5dollarwonder.biz"][COLOR="red"] AUTOMATED INSTANT PAY INCOME SYSTEM JUST LAUNCHED - MAKE EASY MONEY TODAY![/COLOR][/url][/b][/SIZE]

This will put a BOLD RED CAPITALISED HYPERLINKED signature after every post you make in any thread in the forum.  You can just copy and paste the above code to make your signature, but do be careful if you wish to change the wording and don’t forget to replace our  5DollarWonder website URL (above) with yours.

Forums: (Feel free to suggest any not on the list or report broken links via the Contact form)

Talk Gold - http://www.talkgold.com/forum  

Dream Team Money - http://www.dreamteammoney.com

Money Maker Group - http://www.moneymakergroup.com/forums.html

PCT Hangout  - http://www.ptchangout.com/forum

Emoney Space - http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum

Exchange Money Forum - http://exchangemoneyforum.com

Money Fan Club - http://www.moneyfanclub.com

Top Gold Forum - http://topgoldforum.com

The Free Ad Forum - http://www.thefreeadforum.com

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