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Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT General Note:
In order to receive continuous service of your 5DW website you will need to have paid for the $50 Lifetime hosting package or maintain an active $5 monthly subscription.  Should you cancel your monthly subscription your 5DW website will be revoked (the same applies to your FREE member ads, which will be removed).  This is a necessary measure to stop people cheating the system and cheating their referrers out of commissions.    

[1] What are the available payment processors?
     Please visit PaySpree for a list of available payment processors.
[2] Can I upgrade to Elite membership?
Yes, if you remember the website you signed up from, you can go there otherwise your upgrade can be handled through our main website.  To find your original sponsor, check for their email address in your payment processor account and contact them for their PaySpree 5DW URL. Please follow the steps below exactly as detailed to upgrade your account and maintain continued service...

- Visit the site you signed up from or the main website HERE and purchase your ‘Elite’ membership ($50 one-time), but DO NOT complete the Website Order form. upgrade.
- After you submit your details to us, please log into your payment processor account, locate and cancel your $5 monthly subscription for the basic membership.

[3] What is the 5DollarWonder refund policy?
Once we have given you access to the digital products library as part of your 5DollarWonder membership, we suggest that any offer of a refund is limited to 72 hours (3 days).  This gives you enough time to receive your setup information, assess the marketing materials and decide that you wish to proceed as a 5DW member.
Please note that earnings and referral commissions are paid directly to the vendor where they can withdraw immediately.  Only your direct vendor (the person you paid, as shown on your email receipt) should be contacted with regard to any refund request.  Please include your email receipt when requesting a refund.

[4] Why do my payment buttons not go to my payment processor page?
In the website setup instructions (and on the PaySpree website), you are advised to complete your PaySpree profile.  In this profile there are fields in which you can add and select your preferred payment processor details. These fields must be completed otherwise you risk losing commissions.

You can test your Payment buttons yourself.  Simply visit your 5DW website using your PaySpree link and click the buttons as though you are joining at your own site.  I recommend you do this before you start your marketing.

[5] What do I do if a member cancels their subscription?
This is entirely the members choice, they have the right to cancel if they no longer wish to continue as a 5DW member.  Simply send an email to support@5dollarwonder.biz with the member’s details (name, email address and PaySpree username if you know it).  Their PaySpree 5DW access will subsquently be revoked.

[6] How can I cancel my subscription?
Please follow the instructions at the following link(s)...

Click Here to Cancel Payment Processor Subscription

Click Here to Cancel Payza Subscription

[7] How can I submit my 125 x 125 banner ads (Sctrictly 5 allowed)?
Every 5DW member can if they wish submit up to 5 125x125 banner ads to be rotated through the entire 5DW network of sites.  Hint: consider including your 5DW banner and video splash link.  Simply visit the following URL and complete the form to submit your ads...

http://5dollarwonder.biz/member_ads  Check your banners after 24 hours here: http://5dollarwonder.biz/url.db

[8] Why am I not making any sales?
There can be no guarantee any one person will make sales and or how many.  This depends on several factors, including your own effort, experience and use of the marketing materials provide (including the correct link formats).  

However if you are advertising and not getting any results, here are some important things to check (as advised in the setup instructions)...

- Make sure you added your Payment Processor in your PaySpree profile and selected it as you preferred payment method (see item [4] above).
- Your 5DW username is the same as your PaySpree username.  PaySpree is the key to replicating the 5DW website with your payment buttons on it, therefore you must ONLY use or forward (redirect) to the link formats as advised in the setup instructions (see also item [10] below).

If you have lost or did not received the setup instructions, please send an email to support@5dollarwonder.biz and include your PaySpree username.

[9] I paid, but didn’t receive my products or setup instructions.  How can I get them?
The system is automated, but you are required to click ‘return to merchant’ after payment (as advised on the payment button).  If you completed the website order you should receive a confirmation email with a link to click. Please do look in your JUNK folder before contacting support as the emails may be there.

If you do need us to resend the information, please forward your payment processor email receipt to support@5dollarwonder.biz and include your PaySpree username (if you created one).

[11] How can I use Payza as my payment processor?
If you wish to use Payza as your preferred payment processor and to accept credit cards to, you need to have business verified account.  
Please note the setup procedure at the following URL MUST be followed...


When you complete the Payza setup process, note that 5DW is an unregistered business. Please use the details provided at the above link and also the following information (where the fields are blanked/blurred)...

Business Profile: 5Dollarwonder Digital Products
This business is: http://5dollarwonder.biz
From which country is your product shipped: (here you just select your country)

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