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Classified Ad Sites


Below is a list of classified ad sites where you can post your 5DollarWonder (or any other business) adverts.  The most high traffic classified site is CraigsList, but it's probably the most difficult to understand and use.  If you can crack it, you could get a high throughput of traffic to your website.  Please see our Facebook Ads for example adverts to post on classified websites. 


Craig's List is one of the best places to post ads for free. Not all of the cities and categories are free, but many are. It can be a tricky site to navigate and successfully post on, but there are guides if you search Google.  I've included one such guide below.


Posting Strategy: http://www.paiddailylife.com/free-leads-system/category/the-ultimate-craigslist-strategy 



Cassifiedads.com is a GREAT free ad site. It is hit and miss, as they are more popular in some cities then others.  Most major metropolitan areas are players for classifiedads.com. You will also find some sweet spots in smaller cities. I happen to get a lot a lot of views from the United States (Try in jobs/business opportunities/united states/new york city/brooklyn).  Ads on here can be displayed for up to 9 months - I recommend posting a new ad in major cities every few days and leaving your older ads to run until  completion.  




Adsglobe is a great site to advertise for free. It has a good ranking on Alexa and has many ads and categories. It is local, country and world wide. Great for Global business advertising. Highly recommended!



This is a GREAT site. Easy to post, accepts HTML and you can easily post in all categories. The board is pretty much translated in most languages. This is another great site like pennysaverusa. Post MANY!




This is Fantastic. It is also a community to promote and shake hands with other network marketers. Well established board with a strong focus on internet marketing, business opportunities, and website promotion. NOTE: This site does not let you Copy and Paste, but they have a great ad platform.




Here's another site with a great Alexa Ranking.  This website is a classified ad directory that has a number of different options and several categories that are great for posting your links!  You can renew your ads every 12 hours, so there's actually no need to post new ads unless you want to.  Split testing is always good, so try a few different ads to see which gets the most views, then you can focus on posting the most viewed ads on other classified sites or forums (especially if you intend to pay for advertising).




This site has a lot of traffic and is the little brother of Craigslist. It is more spammy then most and do not be surprised if you get some email replies that are just plain spammy. With that said, this can be an effective site as the Alexa Rankings are good.


This is one of the best sites to reach India. It has an Alexa ranking that is very High. This is a global opportunity folks, so enjoy the India market.  I have  found India to be an amazing market with many entrepreneurs.  This reminds me of classifiedads.com.



This is a newer, fun site with a pay option that could be great.







This is a great site with a great Alexa Ranking.  They have a TON of categories and they are very present in these countries: ASIA-OCEANIA-NORTH AMERICA-EUROPE-MIDDLE EAST-AFRICA-USA.  NOTE: This site does not accept HTML. It does how ever let you do hyperlinks.




Sales spider is fast becoming a leader in gathering internet marketers.  It has been great. Highly recommended! Classified ads are only one part of this business site.   You can build a profile and make connections too.




This is a simple site to use. It has a decent Alexa ranking and it is climbing.




This site seems to be very friendly. You can ad great pics and embedded videos. I would think about the $1 upgrade on some of the paid ads. This site seems to have great traffic with a good Alexa Ranking.  



This site has Many categories! Great for Business opportunities section. Post as many as you can here, you will get results. This is from their website. NOTE: HTML works GREAT! You can upgrade many things for money, but you can post 10 ads for free.  You can renew them every 30 days....



This site is for Canadians mainly.  You might have a hard time posting on this from the US or anywhere else as it is against their terms and conditions to live out side of Canada and place ads on here.


This is another great site to reach the UK.  Many categories to place your ads.  Low competition as well as a great Alexa ranking. Post a lot on here and get the UK behind your business.


This site is relatively new, but every site has to start somewhere right?  They service USA, CAN and the UK.  There were not many ads on there at the time of writing, but I really like the fact you can post 4 pictures with your ad.


This is a good site that covers the major global markets.  Low competition.  This site will reach other sites as well.  Works like a yellow pages and spreads you ad around the Net.  NOTE: You can only post one ad a day on here.  Works really well.



This is also one of the biggest free sites in India.  It covers the whole country.  Amazing Alexa rating!  This is in the top ten in every list you find about free classified sites.  Do not ignore this one.  Lot's of hits every month.  AWESOME SITE!


This site has a HUGE category list.  It is also not very competitive and it gears towards affiliate and online marketing.  Great site to post on.  NOTE: Great easy posting platform.  This will post for 10 days, then you can renew them if they are doing well.  HTML works great! Really easy site.


This is a great site with a very high Alexa ranking.  You can post, post, post, post on here and it makes it to many big market countries.  This is an excellent choice to use.



****Important Update**** This site has decided to start charging $10.00 for all Job Sections, including work from home.  This was initially a great free ad site.  We think it is second to Craigslist.


Great Site here as well.  Post many.  It is hard to get out of your locality with this site.  They did offer a nationwide post for $9.99 an ad.. Very high ranking and very popular.   NOTE: This site does not let you put a live link.


This is a great advertising site as well.  You can post up to 4 ads that last for 30 days then they expire.  You can can post as many as you want with a premium membership.  However do consider that you are aiming to copy and paste for FREE.


This is another great site for the India Market.  Good Alexa ranking.   A little short on categories, but also low on competitiveness. Post as many as you can!


WOW! This is a great Site in India, covers the whole country, many categories and a really high Alexa Ranking.  Post as many as you can here.   India is a great market for online marketing.


Some people say this is the next Craig's List.  It has a lot of ads on it, so there might be some truth to that.  Easy to place an ad.  Very nice platform. GREAT Alexa ranking.


This classifieds site is actually built for online marketers to share opportunities!  It has a good Alexa Ranking and a  bunch of ads. This one also has a high Google ranking so it might be just the place to put out some bait and see if you get a bite!


This is a worldwide classified site.  Also a big site in India.  Post as many as you can and as many locations that you can find.



Here is another great UK site. Post lots of ads on here, and reach the UK market.  NOTE: This site does not let live links. But is really simple to use.  You will have to copy the title and search ads to get your ad URL. 


This is yet another GREAT site to reach India. Good Alexa ranking. They have a TON of categories as well.



Very cool site.  It is geared towards other marketers.  The ad is more of a Forum ad, which is nice because it develops an ongoing thread.  There's more stuff you can do as well.  Have fun with this site.


Claims to be the fastest growing free advertising site in the world.  Hmmm, I do not think so.  Could they even have said one of the fastest?  In any case they may not be the fastest growing site but they do get some good traffic.


And again another GREAT website for  India and all over the world.  You can write a TON of ads on here and hit every corner of the earth!  Well not quite every corner.  They have a great Alexa ranking.  


This is a great site to reach the UK.  It has many categories to choose from and you can post as many as you like!


Well, you can stop looking at classifieds sites right now, forget Craigslist, forget Backpage, nope, it has been officially decided. These guys officially declare that their site is the best classifieds site in the world! I do not agree. But I think their site is worth posting to. Respectable traffic...


A lean uncluttered board which reads your IP and directs your ad posting accordingly.  US based as far as I can tell.  However, I have not yet tried accessing it with foreign different IP.


This site charges for the job section.  You can post an ad in community section.  They have quotes about connecting communities, building safe environments and how they are leaders of a “revolution of how classifieds sites see themselves as responsible citizens.” So if you want to join their “nice” revolution...


Great Site for work from home jobs, and business opportunities. It also has a great Job section.  Have fun posting as many as you like here.


OK, so I know that it's a ridiculously long web address, but this one is truly "global".  The site has a high Google rating and is nicely put together.  It has a nice, clean and crisp, professional feel. .


Daype-Daily Postings Exchange is a great site.  Many ads, very easy to post and many category's to post.  I mean Many!



No nonsense classified site which has their own Android application so you can post ads from your mobile phone.  They even have their own QR code that you can scan with your Andorid phone to get immediate succinct info about freeclassifieds.com. Kudos again for the domain name. Mobile friendly site....



A solid well designed board with a .us domain name. What else could you want?  They seem to monetize their site quite a bit with Adsense which is good and bad.  It means they include more features on the free ads, including free pictures and youtube video. Many free boards.


They do it all: personals, cars, pets and they do it all over the world though they are US based.


The cleanest looking classifieds site so far.  Just the ads.  No clutter at all.  Very Googlesque in their design.  It must be working for them...  Lots of people have clicked their like button.


US based with worldwide advertising possibilities.


How much did this domain name cost them?  I give them number 1 on domain name value.  Excellent classifieds site as well.  Kudos for not just squatting the domain name.  They have been running online classifieds since 1999.  Their advertising engine has been used by big business directories.


Simple easy to negotiate classifieds board.  They are strict however and this site takes training to get results. again that is why your here.


This site has been in business since 1994. That is before we had Google.  It looks somewhat like Usfreeads.com but with less emphasis on business opportunities.  They have an affiliate program with over 34,000 affiliates.  Well worth a look.


VERY NICE SITE!  Many categories and...  It's a US classifieds site which allows car dealers and other heavy advertisters to bulk upload large amounts of listings.


This is a good site.  Not much for category's.  They sell everything but it looks like they have a penchant for Cocker Spaniels. US and Canada classifieds mainly.



This is a huge hub and directory for India ads.  You will have to spend some time on this site, but it is a complete directory and you can search and find all kinds of free ad sites to post on.  All across India.  


This site has an amazing Alexa ranking.  They have expanded all over the world now.  Predominantly, India gets the most results, although I found many ads in the US version.  Lots and Lots of places to post your ads here.   NOTE: Seems to be all paid ads... (difficult to use).


This site didn't have a ton of traffic at the time of writing.  However, did show up as the first site in Google when searchng for "Post Free Ads"! This make it a great place to start posting ads.  With a top search engine ranking, this is one to watch!


Ebay Classifieds is starting to take their share of the market.  They frown against work from home and online marketing ads a little. They are tricky and some tutorials may be required on Ebay classifieds. Since they started they have grown and grown in the last three years with good traffic.


This is another great ad site.  A popular US focused site with a large business opportunity and pet section.  It seems to keep you local.


This is another great site to reach the UK.  They have many great categories and are very well known in the UK.   NOTE: You will need a UK phone number.  If you're resourceful you can work around that.


This is by far, one of the best sites to post on in the UK.  It has an amazing Alexa ranking.  It is highly regarded and you should have no problem getting UK results from here.  NOTE: They charge in many categories.

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