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5DollarWonder Banners

Below are some GIF  banners you can use to advertise your automated website.  If you want to copy and save to your computer, simply right click and ‘Save image as...’

Below is an example screenshot of how to use these banners on SpeedTrafficMailer or other ad sites...


Banner 3 (300 x 250):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/300x250.gif

Banner 4 (468 x 60):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/468x60.gif

Banner 5 (728 x 90):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/728x90.gif

Banner 6 (160 x 600):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/160x600.gif

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Flash Banners:

Click HERE to download the Flash (.swf) versions of these banners if you can and wish to upload them to any banner exchange or advertising service that hosts the banners own their own server.

If you wish to download the GIF (.gif) versions you see here, simple right-click and ‘Save image as’ to a location on your computer (typically the ‘Downloads’ folder).

Banner 1 (125 x 125):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/125x125.gif

Banner 2 (125 x 125):  http://5dollarwonder.biz/banners/125x125a.gif