Marketing Campaign Setup

Instructions to set up your 5DW lead capture and email follow up campaign.

Please read carefully and complete each step in turn using the screenshots for guidance.


In order to use this marketing campaign you will need to create a TrafficWave account.  This will be used to send out the follow-up emails to your 5DW prospects.  Click the link below to join TrafficWave for FREE

==> Take the FREE 30-Day Trial Here <==  (opens in a new tab)

Return to this setup guide once you have created your FREE trial account with TrafficWave.


Log into your TrafficWave account and click “Autoresponder Campaign Manager” as shown in the screenshot below..


Now click “Create New Campaign” as shown in the screenshot below..


Give your campaign a nickname and description as shown in the screenshot below..

Campaign Nickname: 5dw  <== IMPORTANT: enter it exactly as shown and in lower case

Description: 5DW LCP

Then click the button “Verify My Nickname


Click the button “Move to Step 2 -->” as shown in the screenshot below..


Enter your campaign data, including your name and email address.  This is the name and email address you want to go out on the follow-up emails.  Your prospect may use this information to contact you if they need help, so please ensure it is valid.

Campaign Title: 5DollarWonder Instant Cash System

Don’t forget to click the button “Add New URL Token” and paste your 5DW referral link in the text box provided.

Click the button “Move to Step 3 -->” to continue..


It’s important to complete the CAN SPAM Compliance.  This will reduce SPAM complaints and help ensure your emails are always delivered to your prospects.

Simply click the checkbox to pull in your information (as entered when you joined TrafficWave) and then click the button “Move to Step 4 -->” to continue..


One the next screen there is nothing to complete (leave the default setting as they are).

Simply click the button “Move to Step 5 -->” to continue..


One the next screen click the checkbox at the top to receive email notifications and the checkbox at the bottom to agree to the policies.

Then click the button “Finish -->” to complete the setup of your new 5DW campaign.


Your campaign is setup, but you don’t have an follow-up emails loaded with your 5DW link.

Now you have to retrieve the pre-made campaign which includes 10 follow-up emails and the system will automatically insert your 5DW referral link for you.

Click the button “Retrieve Published Campaigns” to load these emails..


Click the second radio button to retrieve the OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder letters.

Using the 2 numeric codes that your sponsor gave you and selecting “5dw” from the drop down menu on the right of the page, you can pull the follow-up email message into the 5DW campaign you just created.  If you don’t have the codes, contact your TrafficWave sponsor.

Click the button “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresonder Letters” to finish.


The following screen gives you a warning about the formatting of the email follow-up messages.

You can IGNORE this warning.  All letters are correctly formatted and ready to be used.

You will be able to test these yourself by entering your own email address in the lead capture page you are about to setup in STEP 13 (below).



If you followed the steps above carefully, you have successfully setup your automated 5DW marketing campaign.  This will help you to build your list, convert more prospects to signups and allow you to easily communicate with them when you want to.

All you need to do now is create your lead capture page links using your TrafficWave username with the URL formats below..

Lead Capture Page:

Campaign setup page:


If your TrafficWave username was “mobilbo”, you would simply add that username to the end of the above links and they would then look like this..

Lead Capture Page1:

Lead Capture Page2:

Campaign setup page:

Welcome page page:

Lead Capture Page (use on Facebook):

Once you have created your 4 links (like above), save them somewhere (or bookmark them) so you can easily locate them when you need them.

IMPORTANT: Always use the lead capture page in your every day marketing.  

Everywhere that you advertise 5DW (with banners, text or email ads), make sure to use the lead capture page.

The campaign setup page is only to be shared with anyone you referred and who has paid you for the 5DW system and wants this same Marketing Campaign to promote their 5DW business.  

When you share your campaign setup page, your 5DW referral will join you in TrafficWave via the link in STEP 1 (above) and you will earn commissions from TrafficWave for as long as you remain an active TrafficWave member.


The Welcome page setup (below) is important, it’s part of the funnel and will prompt your new subscriber to check their email and click the opt-in confirmation link to get on your list and receive your automated follow-up emails.

But, it will also show them recent commissions being earned by 5DW members.  

People like to know something is working and others are having success.  

When you setup the welcome page (as advised below), your subscriber will be automatically directed to it and be encouraged to join by the recent 5DW sales they will see.  


Click “Campaign Overview” to return to your list of campaigns as shown below...

Click image: See the page you get


Click “5dw” to select and manage your new 5DW campaign


Click the “Landing URLs” tab to open the panel where you will add your welcome link.


Paste your welcome link in the first input field (as shown) and then click the “Update Landing URLs” button to save your welcome link in the system.

That’s It!  You’re Finished!

Your 5DW lead capture and follow-up marketing funnel is now completely set up.  Now it’s time to start marketing it using the resources in the 5DW members area (and any other resources you may come across online).

Any questions, please contact your sponsor first, otherwise email: